The Carbon Garden Downloadable Resources

Downloadable Resources

Our downloadable gardening resources are designed to provide our garden-loving friends with the knowledge and tools to cultivate a lush and thriving garden. 

Yearly Spray Calendar

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Our downloadable yearly gardening spray calendar is an essential tool for any gardener looking to maintain healthy plants throughout the seasons. It provides a clear and concise method for tracking your spray cycles. With our easy-to-use calendar, you can stay on top of your gardening game and achieve a flourishing garden.

A3 Visual Leaf Guide (Nutrients)

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Our A3 Visual Leaf Guide is an great asset for any gardener looking to identify nutrient deficiencies in their plants. Derived from the visual leaf guide in your Carbon Garden printed program, you can now have it in A3 making it easier to read and identify any nutrient deficiencies your plants may have. With detailed imagery and descriptions, this guide will help you diagnose any issues your plants may be facing, ensuring they stay healthy and thriving all season long.

A2 Seasonal Planting Guide

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Introducing our A2 Seasonal Planting Guide, an essential tool for gardeners across Australia. This concise guide offers a clear overview of planting times for many popular fruits and vegetables, tailored to both warm and cool climates. With this handy resource, you can easily plan and optimize your garden throughout the year. Ensure a bountiful harvest and a flourishing garden by downloading our A2 Seasonal Planting Guide today.