What's Not to Love About The Carbon Garden?

Other than being part of one of the most "down to earth" clubs in Australia?
Read on and check out some of the awesome stuff we have to offer!

At our core, we're all about education, community and a healthier planet.

"It's like being a part of a family, except everyone in it loves gardening"

Working with the Carbon Garden Program is a breeze.

We believe a thriving community and education are the keys to a healthy garden.

Plus a wide variety of other perks such as:

Access to our
on-staff horticuluralists

We know it's important to have access to the best help possible when you get stuck. That's why we make sure you can ask our on-staff horticulturalists anything when you join our free community. You can access their genius brains any time you need! Join the community by clicking here.

Member Discounts

Every purchase of a Carbon Garden Kit is important to us because we know legends like you are doing your part to help save our Earth's soil. So as one of the many ways we can show we love you is by offering kit-owner discounts on all refill and new products. All discounts are applied automatically for those that own a kit at checkout.

Free Downloadable Resources

To help you get the most of your garden, we've created free downlodable resources for our friends to access such as yearly spray calendars, nutrient deficiency idetification guides and more.

Exclusive Product Offers

We think it's fun to design and create exciting new products - but not everything we create will be available to the public. Some of our products will only be available to those that have a Carbon Carden Kit.

Priority Assistance

As a Carbon Garden Kit Purchaser, you will receive priority support for all of your gardening and product issues (though we do hope they're far and few between!). Our support team are always standing by to help with any issues you may have.

Community Support

As we've already mentioned, we're all about community. By becoming joining our free community and by purchasing a Carbon Garden Kit, you're allowing us to give back by donating kits to schools, helping create more free educational content and much more.

Ready to become a part of The Carbon Garden Family?

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