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The Carbon Garden Kit

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The Carbon Garden

A healthy planet starts at home.

The Carbon Garden Kit

Experience The Carbon Garden Program to its fullest with The Carbon Garden Kit, our regenerative hero helping you grow the healthiest plants possible, all while healing the soil.

New Hero Bundle Available Now!

We've introduced our Hero Bundle, giving you access to The Kit's Heroes in a smaller, easy-to-use bundle. Designed for those who already have their gardening tools, or who want to get started more simply.

What is The Carbon Garden?

The Carbon Garden is a unique gardening movement designed to improve the health of your plants and soil, to create a thriving garden that works in together to support a healthy planet.

The Carbon Garden’s flavonoids and carefully curated range of natural products and associated program were developed to optimise your plant’s natural metabolic system to support a truly sustainable cycle.


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The Carbon Garden is changing gardens for the better all over Australia.

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What's not to love about The Carbon Garden?

"Everything in this kit is a gardeners deam. I don't need to worry about what products to use to feed or sustain my plants and soil anymore, everything is here is this kit. The program is simple to follow and perfectly explained in the little book that is provided in the kit. I'm loving everything about the Carbon Garden so far and it has been fun getting my kids involved and learning too!"

"Was so impressed by this concept and the TCG approach of improving the gardening experience from the ground up. Love that this box literally includes everything you could possibly need to improve your garden, already seeing a change and so excited to see the results in the coming months, especially as the seasons change. Also, this kit is just so beautiful presented! Highly recommend!"

"As someone that is far from an expert in gardening yet sees the importance and the joy that it brings, this kit is a must for anyone getting started. The pack contains everything you need as a beginner and even seasoned gardeners would find value in what's provided straight out of the box. The included guide is comprehensive and covers everything yet at the same time avoided a feeling of being overwhelmed."